Our Mission

The Mission of the Durand Foundation is to develop philanthropic support for Durand through the cultivation and stewardship of donors.

The Vision

The Vision of the Durand Foundation is to help provide the needed financial support for Durand in its commitment to helping individuals with special needs learn and grow to their full potential.

Executive Director’s Message

Durand exists so that people with special needs can lead fuller, more independent lives. With comprehensive programming, Durand serves several hundred children and adults with learning disabilities and their families in Central and Southern New Jersey every year.

RC&YoungManWhile our programs appear diverse, they are linked by shared values. Durand believes that individuals with developmental disabilities, autism and learning disabilities can live successfully in the community with proper supports. And that all our consumers – young, old and in-between – can be helped to maximize their potential.

This core belief motivates everyone at Durand. Our experienced, trained staff, the board members who guide our agency and foundation, and our volunteers all believe in our clients. Because of this, Durand is a place of great optimism.

Durand opened in 1972 as a school for children with autism and we are still educators. Durand is a major innovator in teaching young people with learning disabilities.

Since Durand was established, we have added new community-based programming. Durand now runs five group homes and an adult day training program. We offer a variety of supports to family members and we act as advocates. Our doors are open to all, but services are targeted to those in Gloucester, Salem, Burlington, Camden and Cumberland Counties.

A key factor in Durand’s success is a willingness to meet new needs. Recently, we acquired land for a new home. We expect to grow. New Jersey has the highest incidence of autism of any state. And as American society ages, the population of those with disabilities will increase. At Durand, we are dedicated to meeting current and future needs.

Remember that Durand’s programs are free. Funding comes from the State of New Jersey and from concerned people like you. So, if you have a loved one with a disability, please call for the details on how we can help.

Raymond Cristofoletti
Executive Director